2016 Preparation/Training

I had hoped to participate in the 2014 Cannonball from Hyder AK to New Orleans LA, but that didn’t quite work out.  To get ready for 2016, I rode from home to San Luis Obispo for the Ride of March rally in order to get some longer road miles on the scoot and myself.  Rides of March is for vintage only scooters, and had a nice turnout.  While there is a bit of time spent at the refueling and rest stops (“scooter time”), the riding portion was at “Cannonball” speeds, as was the ride up and back.  There was even a short stretch on US 101 over the Cuesta Grade which is a short, low preview of some of the climbs in the Cannonball this year.


The training ride was a complete success with the exception of loosing the DC electrical system on the scooter, which meant the Garmin’s internal battery didn’t last for the entire ride.  Better on roads that I’m familiar with rather than those I’m not.

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