Electrical updates

As I mentioned earlier, during the Rides of March rally the DC portion of the electrical system failed. The failure was the result of a blown fuse, indicating a short somewhere in the DC system. Fortunately the only things that are DC powered are the turn signals and the accessory port for the Garmin. Last time in 2012 I had used a waterproof connector that I had spliced into a standard Garmin cigarette plug power cord. I would rather have a USB port, and 3BR Powersports ( https://www.3brpowersports.com/ ) has a nice selection of waterproof ports. They also make a usb charging cable for the Garmin Nuvi series of gps units.  A “normal” usb cable will but the Garmin into the data mode as if it were connected to a computer, which would not work for navigation.  

(Garmin Nuvi in Aquabox with 3BR Powersports cable)

I also did some re-wiring of the electrical system. I connected the accessory port to the ignition switch and did the same with the turn signals. In addition I replaced the wiring to the turn signals from the switch to the flasher unit and back to the indicators on the handle bars. I also did some re-wiring for the horn as it too was having issues, namely it would go off by itself. 

(Back side of light/horn switch, 3BR Powersports USB port visible just above switch)

All of those “fixes” seem to be working. I will be carrying a good supply of fuses, and the turn signals can easily be eliminated from the circuit it a short should reappear there.  The horn is AC and can also be easily disconnected if needed.  The critical circuit is the accessory port for the Garmin.  I will have old fashioned maps along, just in case.

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