Unlike just hopping in your car and driving somewhere, there is a lot of logistics required to make it to the start (and back from the finish).  Obviously you need to get the scooter and rider to the start, and with a vintage two stroke motor it’s also necessary to have enough two stroke oil for the trip.  Even though the engine design dates for simpler times, I prefer to use a modern synthetic oil rather than relying on lawnmower, chainsaw, weedeater, or other garden variety hardware or gas station oils.  My oil of choice is Motul 710, and I’ve shipped three 4 liter jugs (and a little extra) along with the scooter.2t oilMy vintage parts and supply dealer of choice is ScooterWest in San Diego (the hosts for the 2012 finish) http://www.scooterwest.com/  Along with the oil are some spare parts  and specialty tools “just in case” but there are some possible failures I’m ready to accept as a sign that finishing this year is not meant to be.  I am taking more spares and supplies, including an extra spare tire and tube, than in 2012, but of course the route is longer this year.

Getting the scooter to Amelia Island FL is a two leg process this year.  Leg one could be titled “Do you Know the Way to San Jose (and a bit beyond)?” since I trucked it up to the Bay area to join the NORCAL folks headed by veteran Cannonballer maroy #3.  His folks will be deliver the scoots to Florida.1st leg

(loaded in the pickup, ready to leave home for the Bay area)

2nd leg copy

(loaded in the cross-country trailer-I hope “first in” reflects the finish position)

The scooter is nearly in full Cannonball trim, only missing the rider, daily food/liquid/route/admin bag, and electronics.  The bag on the rear rack contains rain gear, not that those of us from California will know what it is.  The gas can is self explanatory.  All of the spare gear and tools are on the shelf above the blue straps.

Other items that I elected to ship via FedEx to the start line hotel  included my riding gear and helmet.  Since I’m flying to the start line, and the second leg of the flight is on a regional jet, trying to pack and carry those bulky items would have been more chancy that I would like (they might “gate check” the gear to the cargo hold if I tried to carry it on, or would need to change planes in Houston if I checked it in Los Angeles).  Those items went out yesterday (Friday).

Some of the other riders are riding to the event and are already on the road.  That is an option I had considered, but I’m not sure the scoot and/or rider would be up for two cross county rides in succession.  I’m looking forward to meeting everyone in Florida, and reuniting with the scooter and gear.

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