Pre-Start Arrival

We made it to the start line, perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of the event. There was just a little navigational drama with a roundabout driving to the hotel, but it only added a few minutes to the drive. Why can’t local agencies in the U.S. properly design and sign roundabouts like they do internationally?

There was also a minor panic when we checked in and the package I had sent with my helmet and riding gear was not in the storage area.  Thankfully the staff had placed it in the room ahead of our checking, whew.

Our hotel room is nice, with a deck providing a good view to the west and north, the general direction the Cannonball will be taking in a couple of days.

I know we are in the right hotel since the are scooters parked in the lot.  Notice the aux tank and removal of the trim panel to provide quicker access to the drive train, and possible better cooling. 

Speaking of cooling, the flight crew announced the weather on arrival as 90 degrees, with about the same humidity. I’m used to the temperature, but not the humidity. At the moment the temperature is pleasant because a thunderstorm had passed through, cooling things off. If I get a choice though, I’ll take heat and humidity over lightning (and that rain phenomenon) while riding down the road. 

1 thought on “Pre-Start Arrival

  1. Hi John,
    I got moved so I’m dealing with the “June gloom” in SB but still, better than high humidity😜
    Hope all goes well, I’ll be thinking about you and following your blog.
    Be safe and have a BLAST!!!


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