Day 3 Recap

If you looked at the wake up call post you will know that the start was a bit later than normal. Everyone was watching various weather links to determine their start time. There was still a very light rain as I left, bet it looked good in the direction of travel.  Unfortunately the front that was supposed to pass through the finish moved a little faster tan forecast.

I also failed to get my rain gear on, so was just a bit soaked for the arrival at the hotel. It looks like there might be more rain tomorrow, ugh. Note to self: if it looks like rain, put on the gear rather than thinking a little shower will cool me off.  There was some navigational challenges again today as the detour for a closed road was also closed due to a wash out. Fortunately I was able to follow a local that was going in the same general direction I wanted to go, which was toward Paducah , but not on the interstate.  Fortunately most of the high water had receded before we rode through, but the was a lot of debris on and along side the roads. 

2 thoughts on “Day 3 Recap

  1. Think how boring the ride would be without the challenges of weather, detours, etc. Besting mother nature and misleading road signs adds an element of excitement to your day.


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