Day 4

Today was a day for the faster scooters, especially if the riders were willing to exceede the speed limit. We had several miles of 65 speed limits, and I’m pretty much limited to 60 max, and am conservative in exceeding the posted speed. The good news for the day was no rain!  However, I think moisture has worked its way into the electrical system for my speedometer instrument unit as it stopped working. Normally the only important instrument is the cylinder head temperature indicator because the Garmin displays the speed. Unfortunately the Garmin also was acting up today and went down as well. Thankfully it was a fairly easy route, although I took the long slow way through Osage Beach, further hampering the cause. I hope I con get the Garmin sorted, otherwise it will be a more challenging 7 days coming up. 

Now for som pics.

The arrival of  S O D  Each day one of the riders is “tasked” with a challenge. Guess which one was today’s rider. 

Tire change time, and other misc. maintenance.  I changed my rear tire today also, and tried to sort the speedo electrical issue. 

Lunch with some of the other early arriving riders. 

Not exactly staying in a 5 star hotel. I think I’ll keep my shoes on. 

3 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Hey John. Good luck sorting out the electrical gremlins. I have lots of faith in your ability to fix just about anything. Have a safe and fun ride today. Cheers – Kelly


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