Day 5

We are nearly 1/2 way done with the 2016 edition of the Scooter Cannonball, with 6 days remaining. Today was another day that favored the faster scooters with straight roads and high speed limits. There were several hours when the posted speed limit was higher than my self imposed top speed for my Vespa (60 mph).  

We’re not in Kansas any more…almost.

It was a decent day for riding, but became just a bit warm.  The road surfaces were mostly smooth, the traffic mostly light, and the wind mostly a tailwind. The only thing missing was some curves.  We did get several “Kansas Corners” though.   The Garmin worked OK for most of the ride, but I confused myself with notes on the printed backup and wound up adding some extra distance on leg 3 by not following Garmin’s route. I thought I was lower on fuel than I really was and elected to deviate from the plan to get to a nearby gas station. The speedometer and associated indicators did not work at all today.  I had hoped that o e electrical connection I did not trouble shoot yesterday would be the problem, but it was fine. 

A an extra bonus was getting to see my sister and her husband who came down from South Dakota to experience the Cannonball atmosphere first hand. A side bonus to that was bringing a priority mail package with my regular riding gloves, which I had cleave fly left at home.

Gloves I have been using (and dying my hands brown). The regular gloves are still in the envelope. 

I’ll have a personal support team for the next day and a half as they will tag along to Valentine, and the part way of day 7 before turning back east.  For some reason I doubt the dining choices will be as nice as we found in Lincoln. The local scooter club met up with the Cannonballers and we had a nice dining experience in the Haymarket section on downtown Lincoln. 

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