Day 6

Over half way with six down and five to go. Today was another fast day, and what looked like a possible thunderstorm over the finish area around Valentine NE didn’t produce any rain, although there were some lightning strikes west of town after my arrival.  I’m also pleased to report sorting the issue with the inoperative speedometer. The problem turned out to be the spade connector for the AC electrical system had come loose from its terminal, so I crimped it slightly and put it back on. The Garmin also worked as advertised for the entire leg as an added bonus!

The high was forecast to be 99 today, so I got an early start in hopes of beating the heat. It was also forecast to be windy, which it was. Fortunately the wind was mostly from the south to southeast, so it was a tailwind. That allowed cruising at 60 mph in the 65 mph zones so hopefully I won’t loose too much time to the faster scooters. Tomorrow is forecast to have headwinds though, so that will mean slower speeds as we will also climbing in elevation.  Some of the legs between fuel stops will also test the range of the scooter, so I’m anticipating using my spare gas can a couple of times, or I might add a stop in Merriman NE which is before the first planned stop in Gordon. I’m no sure which is quicker, using the can if required, or a stop at a station. 

With the early arrival we had time to do a little touring of the local area and went to the Fort Niabrara wildlife refuge center. The welcome/information center was supposed to be open according to their pamphlets but was closed when we got there. We stopped at a drive in for some refreshment and they had a rather unusual menu selection, at least some items I don’t normally expect to see, as did the restaurant for lunch and dinner.

I’ve heard of soup and salad, but soup and pie?

1 thought on “Day 6

  1. Hi John – sounds like everything is going as well as can be expected. Also sounds like you are having fun. That is the most important thing (besides not crashing and dying). Hope you get rid of the “brown hands” syndrome. We are all pulling for you to get a big prize at the end. Cheers,


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