Day 9

Day 9 is now recorded in the books, and I expect my points won’t be that great through no fault of the scooter. Instead, I’ll take credit for most of the reasons of a probable poor first leg, which was also the longest and had the most points available.   The ride started out with me missing the left turn to get on course just after leaving the hotel parking lot.  That meant driving down the street to an intersection for a U-turn to get back on course.  Then in Bozeman I made a left turn to keep on US 191 instead of going straight onto Montana 84. The good news is I caught the error fairly quickly, the bad news is waiting for the left turn arrow to get on route 84 took forever.  Due to the length of the first leg a fuel stop was needed. The card readers on the pumps at the Exxon station wouldn’t read my card so I had to go in to see the cashier twice, once to turn on the pump and again to pay. I also needed a pit stop for myself, adding to the time delay. I needed another pit stop at the third fuel stop which is not the normal flow of things, so to speak. The pit stops might be a result of the rather cool riding temperatures at the higher elevations. Signs in Bozeman were showing temperatures in the low 50s when I passed through town, and it didn’t seem to warm up until the last descent into Hamilton. Even though I was wearing my jacket liner and a thermal jacket under the riding jacket it was very tempting to put on the rain jacket as well.  There was quite a bit of wildlife sighted, with some riders reporting seeing a moose (I missed that one). In spite of the cool temperatures there were also quite a few bugs fling about. The mpg figures were down today with all of the climbing, coming in with a 40.7 mpg average for the day.   Our hotel for the evening is like an all inclusive resort with co-located convenience store and gas station. The wear and tear of the Cannonball continues to take its toll on the scoots, with some arriving on the sag trailers. The parking lot maintenance and repair is an ongoing process.  

Bill, the rider I’m chasing in the points standings doing a preventative belt change. 

The all inclusive motel

The daily bug strikes-the visor was clean at the start of the day

Checkpoint 3. This marks the site of a not very proud chapter of our history Big Hole National Battlefield

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