Day 10

One more day to go before the 2016 Scooter Cannonball is history. Today was more or less a routine day if the is such a thing. Once again my Garmin unit decided to take the day off for the most part. Thankfully it was an easy navigation day with only two highways, and two of the three checkpoints state borders. Starting out it was a bit on the cool side with some of the roadside signs showing temperatures in the mid to high 40s. The uniform of the day was the same as yesterday with the jacket liner and technical jacket under the riding jacket. I was still thoroughly chilled by the top of Lolo Pass (other riders said the same). The stretch of road over the pass was showing a single gas station so I had checked with a Google search to confirm it was there. The search said “no” so I made an unplanned stop in Lolo hoping that stop and my auxiliary can would provide enough range to the next stop in Idaho. As it was, the stop I was planning on was in fact there so the extra unplanned stop wasn’t necessary. I did run just a bit short on my last section, needing to use the can alongside the road about two miles before the hotel. While her I was able to ask a couple walking along a path if they knew where the Comfort Inn was.  They weren’t locals but looked it up on a smart phone and gave me the needed information. At the same time 4in6iscool rode by and confirmed the hotel was still up the road. I hope the Garmin works tomorrow since the routing is a lot more complex and the waypoints trickier to find.

Three of the four remaining “classic” Vespas in front of the hotel

Reporting times for the legs today. We also had to provide a photo of checkpoint 3, which was the Idaho/Washington border at the US2 bridge over the Snake River

Group dinner at the next door restaurant

4 thoughts on “Day 10

  1. Hi John, you definitely don’t leave anything to chance; you are always thinking ahead and planning for all possible outcomes. I guess that is why you were such a great commercial pilot.
    Cheers, Kelly


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